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Life After Life meeting in Warta Mouth NP » 2019-09-06
In the Warta Mouth National Park a meeting was held to summarize the period of durability of the "Polish IBA" LIFE project. All activities implemented during Life After Life period, in the five years after the end of the project. The meeting was attended by representatives of national parks (Drawa NP, Narew NP, Warta Mouth NP and Slowiniec NP), Mammal Research Institute Polish Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Rural Development, Environment and Agriculture (MLUL) of the Brandenburg federal state (Germany). The meeting showed the success of the most of the activities continued. "Polish IBA" project became an inspiration for continuation in the form of further activities. One of the examples are activities under "Continued protection of wetland birds, restoration of habitats and limiting the impact of invasive species in the Narew National Park and within Natura 2000 sites."

The Warta Mouth NP Director's initiative to organize this meeting allowed for a summary of all project and after-life achievements and for strengthening further cooperation on the protection of wetland birds and their habitats in Poland. ...więcej

Polish IBA visits LIFE LUTREOLA SPAIN » 2018-11-06
The results obtained under the LIFE project "Polish IBA" were presented on the 6th of November, 2018 at the conference "Final Seminar LIFE LUTREOLA SPAIN: Results obtained and future actions" organized as part of the LIFE LUTREOLA SPAIN project. At the conference Andrzej Zalewski presented a lecture entitled "From tragedy towards hope: American mink invasion in Europe." ...więcej
Biological Conservation journal - new publication on water birds » 2017-07-07
The results of the breeding success analysis for three species of waders were published in the Biological Conservation journal. Analyzes have shown that the removal of American mink increases the breeding success of Lapwings, Common redshank and Black-tailed Godwit from 10% to 70%. The breeding success increased with the number of American minks removed before the breeding season. An additional factor affecting the breeding success of those bird species was the water level at the beginning of the breeding season. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.biocon.2017.05.032 ...więcej
Conference on the management of invasive alien species in Białowieża » 2016-06-21
At the international conference on the management of invasive alien species held on June 21-22, 2016 in Białowieża organized by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, Director of the "Warta Mouth" National Park Konrad Wypychowski gave a lecture entitled "Improving the habitat conditions of birds by controlling raccoons in the "Warta Mouth” National Park on the example of the" Polish IBA" project (LIFE09 NAT / PL / 000263)" and Andrzej Zalewski (MRI PAS) lecture entitled "Good practices limiting the negative impact on the environment of invasive mammal species in Poland - the problem of American mink in protected areas”.  Both lectures presented the results of activities obtained as part of the “Polish Bird Refuges” project. (https://nfosigw.gov.pl/o-nfosigw/aktualnosci/art,844,jak-postepowac-z-inwazyjnymi-gatunkami-obcymi-konferencja-ministerstwa-srodowiska-i-nfosigw.html) ...więcej
'Best Life - Nature Project' AWARD » 2016-02-19
The “Polish IBA” LIFE09 NAT / PL / 000263 project is one of 8 in Europe and 4 in Poland LIFE projects awarded by the European Commission with the 'Best Life - Nature Project' award from the 2009 recruitment. ...więcej
Conference: New challenges in controlling the spread of IAS in nature » 2015-10-21
On 13th-14th October 2015, the General Directorate of Environmental Protection in Warsaw organized a conference on controlling the spread of invasive alien species (IAS) of plants and animals.

Among the others there was IAS predators issue raised. Project Coordinator, Dr hab. Andrzej Zalewski, presented a lecture on limiting the number of mink in national parks, based on the experiences of the project LIFE+ "Polish Important Birds Areas".

There have been prospects for further actions in the fight against invasions discussed. There have been also presented plans for national legislative changes in the light of planned changes to EU legislation. More details on the event page.
"Nasza Biebrza" magazine again on the mink » 2015-01-29
"Nasza Biebrza" (Our Biebrza) has recently published the list of winners in the poetry competition on the american mink in Polish environment.

Kids were great and they felt perfectly where to put the stress when writing about role of this invasive predator in local conditions.

More in "Nasza Biebrza" magazine (in Polish), page 7.

2015 calendar published » 2014-11-14
The new calendar of Life + project " Polish Important Bird Areas" has been published. It will distributed in MRI PAS in Białowieża and in the offices of all parks participating in the project. It is also available in pdf.
Life + IBA brochure published » 2014-10-02
The third brochure about the Life+ project IBA has been recently published. It’s 20 pages
presents several waterfowl species characteristic for the area of each park participating in the project. The folder was published in 3000 copies which will be distributed in MRI PAS in Białowieża and in the offices of all participating parks. It is also available in pdf.
The series of Educational Picnic of Life + project "Polish Important Birds Areas" has finished. » 2014-09-02
In year 2014 there were organized educational picnics in national parks participating in the project. The main goal was to educate and draw attention of the society to the negative influence of invasive alien species on native ecosystem. There were offered such attractions like educational movie projection, workshops, games for children and bicycle trip.

We would like to thank you for interest and active participation.

Detailed relations from all picnics are available in News (WMNP, BbNP, DNP, SNP and NNP). Pictures from all events are available in Gallery.

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