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Life After Life meeting in Warta Mouth NP

In the Warta Mouth National Park a meeting was held to summarize the period of durability of the "Polish IBA" LIFE project. All activities implemented during Life After Life period, in the five years after the end of the project. The meeting was attended by representatives of national parks (Drawa NP, Narew NP, Warta Mouth NP and Slowiniec NP), Mammal Research Institute Polish Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Rural Development, Environment and Agriculture (MLUL) of the Brandenburg federal state (Germany). The meeting showed the success of the most of the activities continued. "Polish IBA" project became an inspiration for continuation in the form of further activities. One of the examples are activities under "Continued protection of wetland birds, restoration of habitats and limiting the impact of invasive species in the Narew National Park and within Natura 2000 sites."

The Warta Mouth NP Director's initiative to organize this meeting allowed for a summary of all project and after-life achievements and for strengthening further cooperation on the protection of wetland birds and their habitats in Poland.

Project is co-financed by European Commission and National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in the Life+ Programme.
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